Simplicity Explained

PhoenixWeb Putting simplicity into practice means giving the enduser (whether that be the website user or owner) as easy an experience as posibble. Most of yearn for a simple life yet are caught up in a fast moving, multi tasking world which we neither enjoy nor cope with. Simplicity is a way of achieving even better results than those achieved in our current chaotic lifes. The same holds true for web and software development. Indeed is especially true about software development. There are over 250 languages which can be used to develop your website or software package - many of them achieve the same results but most of them are clumsy to use and maintain. So many because thankfully we live in a free world where no body or organisation can dictate to us what to use or how to use it. Simplicity theory and practice can come to our rescue not by focusing on the programming languages available but the end users experience.