Case Studies

PhoenixWebWe have a wide ranging portfolio of work and services. Many are online back office systems which are not available for public view but can be demonstrated to clients face to face. If you would like to see examples of our work and see how they could benefit your business then please contact us.

What will be our biggest project, '', is being launched at the start of 2018. This is more than the existing directory sites of activities, events and accommodation in Scarborough. These feature will all be present but the site will have an unusual slant to it. PhoenixWeb wants to high light the many unusual and quirky events,sights, sites and people of Scarborough past and present. We intend to build a super directory site which greatly expands the range of possibilities available to Scarborough's many visitors. Not only that the site will allow tourists to create an iterinary of activities before they arrive, or whilst in the resort, which go beyond the sand, amusement arcades and pubs. We will provide detailed information on such unusual features as the Peasholm Park naval battles to the history of Scarborough Fair and the herring trade let alone the famous tunny catch.

Skye Pie Soft Play Centre

This small web site was built for a start up business on a very tight budget. It is designed on a module basis so that new sections can be added. Currently it has a simple back office system to assist online bookings. By looking ahead in the initial planning stages PhoenixWeb has ensured that future extensions to the site can be easily integrated into the existing framework.

Old White Heart Beeston Leeds

The Old White Heart was a privately run pub near Leeds United's ground. The landlord wanted a straight forward site to help boost trade especially his growing food trade. The site was so successful that the pub came to the attention of a large pub chain which bought the pub out. We have included this as an example of how wide ranging the web can be and how it is impossible to predict your audience.


UKCPS is one of the largest outdoor facilities management companies in the UK. PhoenixWeb personnel have worked with them since the company's inception in 2007. We have developed a multi tiered back office sytem which controls the day to day running of the business and a sophisticated intranet (Internal Website usually for employees only) which has expanded seamlessy over the years as the business has grown. Many aspects of UKCPS's business are tightly regulated and a particular feature of our services is to study the various regulations our clients have to adhere to and then ensure their Internet services are fully compliant.