Our People

PhoenixWebPeter has been involved in the IT industry for over 35 years. His career in IT started with writing educational programs for BBC computers in the 1980's. This was followed by over ten years of using and refining these programs in practical educational setting. In 1994 Peter formed his first Internet company which built web solutions for a large number of manufacturing industries in West Yorkshire. As his company grew Peter merged with Firstnet Services Ltd (Leeds premier Internet Service Provider) and became director of web technologies. When Firstnet Services was bought out by what is now 123-reg Peter became involved in the direct provision of IT services to a facilties managment company where he created a complex web based back office system, helping it grow into one of the largest companies in this important business sector. He has now relocated to Scarborough where he is ideally placed to offer his company's services to the many small businesses on the Yorkshire coast.

PhoenixWebJane is our copywriter, proof reader and visual designer. She has worked in the public sector for many years and has a special talent in cutting through complexities to discover the simplest most practical solutions. In her public sector career Jane has written well received traing courses praised for the way they clarified what are normal considered complex issues.

PhoenixWebAbi runs our back office systems. She studied law at Leeds University and has worked in many business administration settings. You are not likely to see or hear from Abi, her role is to keep the administrative wheels well oiled.

PhoenixWebStephs works as our business development and project manager ensuring we keep on track and meet client's and our deadlines. With considerable exerience working in Leeds largest legal firm Stephanie has built up a wealth of experience in making complex business situations simple.

PhoenixWebMatt is our programimg guru. He is an expert in the technological aspects of the web and knows what it can offer. Matt works away in the background ensuring your project is properly coded to the highest standards. He is adept at selecting the most efficient programming techniques to provide you with the best possible solution.